About Goolwa Bakery

The Goolwa Bakery, as it stands at the corner of Dawson and Loveday streets, was built in 1912, for the Lukeman family.

It is one of Goolwa’s oldest established and longest running businesses.

Back in 1912, Goolwa was Australia’s most important river ports with paddle steamers towing barges from Victoria and New South Wales laden with wool grain and other produce and then returning with general supplies.

Goolwa’s industries included breweries, a saw mill and a flour mill, as well as an industry which was virtually unique, that of shipbuilding and maintenance.

Goolwa was the first Australian river port where vessels were built.

Between 1853 and 1913, thirty seven paddle steamers and twenty three barges were built at Goolwa.

It’s during the latter part of this period that the Goolwa Bakery tradition of providing the very best pies, pasties, breads and sweet pastry delights began.

Goolwa Bakery today

Today, after more than 100 years of serving the people of Goolwa, the Goolwa Bakery’s tradition of providing quality food and friendly service lives on.

Even though ownership of the Goolwa Bakery has changed hands a number of times over the last century, the traditional recipes have been faithfully passed on to ensure that loyal customers are rightfully satisfied.

Current owners Ben and Mel (Sam) Hage firmly believe that their main priority is keeping their local customers happy. “Our loyal, local customers play an important role in spreading the word regarding the quality of our food and service”, explains Ben.

Now with a product range extended to include around 120 products, the bakers are kept busy with daily bakes to ensure quality standards are maintained and a growing demand is met.

Traditional favourites such as pies, pasties, sausage rolls, vanilla slices, Berliners and custard tarts still feature prominently on the menu along with more modern and ‘exotic” favourites such as pizza scrolls, chilli rolls, Moroccan and Jalapeno pies.